thanksgiving for trains

it’s spring, and outside my window and down

pink red white drenched dogwood petals spin and shiver

i am grateful for the cold snap and sun beam

i am grateful for lighted windows across the street at night

i am grateful for sidewalk rain star synagogue tree brick road

i am grateful for the sounds small birds make before sunup

i am grateful for the chucking whistles of trains

i am grateful for the meditation of the underpass

i have received too much

i own i give i am full i am warm i go shod

my friends are friends

my lovers love me

i swim i read i take care of a cat

i travel 500 miles speak a new language

most of all:

for two whole years beyond my fate

i had the feel of you nearby

i loved you two whole years

close as train to platform

tight as closing doors

(Spring 2003)