If you’re interested in having me create a custom ketubah for you, please send me a note, and fill out my Ketubah Info Form; I look forward to speaking with you!

I have learned so much about papercut design and artwork through the creation of ketubahs – Jewish wedding contracts that date from the 2nd century CE, and which throughout the ages, in Europe, Africa, and everywhere Jews have lived in the world, have been traditionally embellished with artwork of all kinds, both religious and secular. The need to incorporate text prominently into the design, in particular, has led me to some interesting experiments. I currently design and create about three or four ketubahs (Hebrew: ketubot) a month, and I love working closely with the couple to reflect their own symbols, imagery, colors, and ideas. I am proud to be contributing something new to a formidable Jewish art tradition, and to be able to express the very personal wit and whimsy of many young couples.


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