New / In Progress

New! Plants of My Neighborhood / Plantas de mi Barrio

A Little Book about the Plants of the Heights (with pictures!)

One of the things I love about my upper Manhattan neighborhood is the amazing number of plants – street trees, parks full of greenery, plants growing in and around fences, sidewalks, building walls, and alleyways. Many of these plants, especially the spunky kind that push through the pavements and pop up by the side of the streets, are very healthy and nourishing. Get my 24-page booklet and start exploring!

¡Cuenta! Count!

Observaciones de una Enumeradora del Censo 2020 en alto Manhattan

A pigeon’s progress toward alto Manhattan

¡Cuenta! Count! is about Census 2020 in the Heights, the sometimes funny, sometimes poignant experiences I had while interviewing neighbors as an Enumerator for Census 2020. Issue #2, “The Dream Team!”, is on the way soon…

Una breve comic sobre el Censo 2020, basando en mis experiencias a veces divertidas, a veces conmovedoras, entrevistando a vecinos/as como enumeradora trabajando en mi barrio, Washington Heights en alto Manhattan.

Link: Spanish “¡Cuenta!” counting song included purely for cuteness.

In Progress

Theatre for the 99%: Hallie Flanagan, the WPA Theatre Project, and What to Do Now

Theatre for the 99% is a graphic novel telling the story of Hallie Flanagan and other public theater practitioners of the 1920s-1930s, the era before and during the brief career of the Federal Theatre Project under the auspices of Roosevelt’s New Deal employment and infrastructure program, the Works Progress Administration (WPA). Could (and should) the U.S. have developed a sustained National Public Theater? Could / should we do it today?

Begun in 2019+ workshops taught by Ellen Lindner. Thanks, Ellen!