Two Capitols

(Columbia, SC, and Austin, TX)

Domed    Corinthian    marbled    flagged

Domed    Corinthian    marbled    flagged

Light skyward goddess torch

Light skyward pole flag

Illuminated circle coats of arms

Illuminated slits arches stone

Surrounded swallows swards soft

Surrounded blackbirds hyacinth swish

Small bird cries drifting music air

Small bird lies violins drifting air

Runners walkers white Grand Am

Sleepers workers city bus

Police white security black

Flashing red blue swish police

Twilight pillars graveyard stars

Twilight hyacinth concrete stars

Small grassy hill (a bench or two)

Small glassy kill (a bench or two)

White: “A nice picnic place!”

Black: “Buy me a sandwich?”