I am a teaching artist.

Current and Upcoming

Full Body Drawing Workouts

THURSDAYS in JULY 2023, 11am-12:30pm

Drink-and-Draw on steroids! Open to all levels of drawing experience. Get your stroke on! We will fearlessly plunge into the world of figure drawing by doing, looking, and sharing, with a dash of measurement thrown in to keep our figures from floating off the page into the sky (unless we want to send them there!).

Sketching the ‘Hood

September 2023

Sketching is addictive, and it can be revolutionary—it focuses you on otherwise unnoticed details, it gives you a way of entering into what you are seeing, and it helps you to learn about and express new, even mischievous insights into life and people. This class will give participants an opportunity to start up or support the excellent habit of sketching everywhere you go!

Some Past Classes

Introduction to Stencil Portraits

Have you always wanted to create a realistic portrait? In this course, we will use stencils to study and capture human faces. Stenciling from a photo makes some parts of portraiture easier. In this course you’ll learn how to use a photo to capture a guided outline of a head and face, and then to go beyond simple outline forms into layered colors and experiments with light and shadow, to build a satisfying portrait that captures personality and life.